iii. A New Triune Being


The budding of the embryo….How within this tiny nestled dot does an embryonic human being organize itself and take form? Cells begin to rearrange and move ––migrate. With magnificent speed and coordination, sheets of cells stream past each other, some migrating inwards, others out; some up, some down–– until three layers emerge: inner, middle, and outer.1Werth, Barry from Conception to Birth, p.7-8


A pause after the Creation, then the central demonstration begins, and the eager audience leans in. Against the backdrop of jewel-like earth already spoken into being and formed by artistic hand, the Maker is planning a new creation: someone above and beyond all that has been created thus far. As a human embryo develops in the womb, this new being will be formed on the earth, not within one person or of one person, but from our collective unification. The Maker will gather the people throughout history who yield their hearts, people from across the face of the earth to form a corporate entity as much greater, as much more subtle and profound than a human being is to one of its own cells–from skin flake or bone marrow.


Across the cosmic reaches, at once permeating vast regions and yet also abiding within each mote of dust, the triune Maker reigns in majestic resplendence, contented in communion: three-in-one, self-met and though individuated, self-same. Come, said each member one to another, let us make humankind in our image, after our likeness2Genesis 1:26 NET one like three and three-in-one, intertwining, inseparable, insuperable. The newly created jewel-like earth will enfold Adam and Eve and the proliferating cells in womb-like embrace.


The Trinity’s sweep of arm, roll of wrist, spiral of hand brings tumbling forth sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, multiplying and differentiating—one to keep sheep and one to till ground; one to father those who play harp and flute and one to instruct crafters of bronze and iron3Genesis 4:2, 20-22 NKJV. Myriad people-cells rapidly proliferate: morula dividing in mulberry perfection, then formation of structure begins with primitive streak and trilaminar disc.


The Maker kneads and pulls triad strands, spun from spirit material of people-cells, twisting rope-like across time, winding, intertwining, and inseparable: Body, City and Bride. Each strand exemplifies certain characteristics, just as each member of the Trinity reveals certain aspects of the godhead. This triune being curves, folds, tucks and pleats in origami pleasure: cranial and caudal, heart-mind structure folding and unfolding to reveal miraculous and elegant formation of a new being. Within, people-cells swirl and interact, cooperate and churn, at once multitudinous, at one triune, at once one, forming a body only spiritually discerned.



Furious folding and refolding happens everywhere, apace…neurons proliferat[e] at the astounding rate of 100,000 per hour, the head grows swiftly. Eye pits deepen, the nasal region expands, the upper limb forms.… And then…just as quickly as it all began, the furious shuffling of cells stops… the architecture is complete.4Werth, from Conception to Birth, p.9


Arches emerge, eventually developing into mandible, hyoid, and trachea of head and neck: where a month earlier there existed a heap of bubbly cells now emerges a discernible face5Werth, Barry, from Conception to Birth, p.9: A woman’s face with Nature’s own hand painted,6Shakespeare, Sonnet 20 a discernible face—and what emotions flit across her features in the womb’s twilight? Pearly strand of backbone, liver, eye and ear: magnificent orchestration of proliferating cells in harmonic masterwork: three strands individuated from layers of one trilaminar disc, one self-same being—one like three and at the same time three-in-one.The eye blinks, perceives faint lights and darknesses, attunes ear to muffled sound of Spirit voice through the matrix medium. The entire body of humanity rocks in fetal form, responds to fledgling nerve impulse, and the hand moves a slow path through its aqueous amniotic fluid.


Starsong rings out beyond the atmosphere; development of this being evokes worship, bringing the watching population of supernatural beings in the heavenly realms7His purpose was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms Ephesians 3:10 Berean Study Bible to its knees.


And all the watching heavens witness the Maker’s intention to create from myriad people-cells one unified, yet complex being—made of three strands just as humans begin in trilaminar embryonic form: outer layer of Body, delineating borders and forming nervous system communication to the mind; middle layer of City, giving structure and support, as well as providing circulatory flow; and inner layer of Bride where the deep visceral experience is housed as well as the regulatory functions. The ambition and scope of the project stun those watching in the heavens to stillness and awe, amazed at the manifold wisdom of the Maker in bringing this to pass.

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Three strand DNA. Our Spiritual DNA... we {Humans and the Bride} are made up of three parts

Three strand DNA. Our Spiritual DNA… we {Humans and the Bride} are made up of three parts. Our design mirroring that of the Creator.


“Each strand….

Each Material…

Each Part…

Distinct in it’s character, in it’s design & in it’s part… but so wholly unified there is no separation between the three as they make up the whole in perfection. This is a “three in one” kind of Unity.”                                          –Casia

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