ii. The Creation

Look-A door ajar in the spirit realms. Come, enter in. Watch with me as One enthroned upon a stage- The Maker-begins a demonstration for a heavenly population, for the rulers and authorities in the spiritual realms, to teach them, to reveal perfect wisdom.
Let us steal in among them and take a seat unnoticed. The Maker is crafting a setting for the demonstration, a platform on which to unfold a complex new project, and all heaven watches rapt at the making of the setting, at the beauty of the creation:

The work begins in quiet: all spread before the Maker’s eyes formless and empty, darkness on the deep’s surface, and the spirit of God hovering over the waters 1Genesis 1:2 NKJV in womb-like embrace. In one upturned hand the Maker gently holds a previously undreamt of medium: pliable, more like clay than stone; colorful, more like pigment than clay; in constant motion, more like light than pigment. Profound possibility, the stuff of life, malleable to the touch, the medium can be imbued with any texture, characteristic movement, or sound—can be solid, liquid or gaseous in form, moves through the parametric of time, evolving in capacity. Infused with vital life force, having the resident capabilities of locomotion, growth and reproduction, it can receive the animating breath of the Creator to become a being possessing its own will.The Maker stirs some of this medium into the deeps—molten granite, basalt and peridotite firming to mantle and crust, streaked, flecked and glimmering with mica; earth terrain of shale rock giving way to granulated sand sheaths, monotonous to the naked eye, but rich with individuality of shape and color when viewed microscopically. Volcanic mountains reach up, fingerlike, while other soft and sensuous hills foretell the female curvature, separate immense pull of tide to West and East as the moon is placed overhead to ebb and flow the waters. Ice pack groans and cracks, crowding the poles while elsewhere green vibrancy stretches and scampers laughingly—grass, fell, heath, and downs spreading over mantle:the dearest freshness deep down things2Gerarad Manley Hopkins, “God’s Grandeur”  rooting in and rising up, myriad of leafswathe blanketing sculpted branches.


Some of the medium the Maker vaults dome-like, an azure canvas stippled with visible droplets in alto cumulus cottony whites, transformed each morning and evening to varied shimmering shades. Innumerable stars are fashioned: yellow dwarf to red giant, densely packed neutrons to rapidly spinning pulsars. Gaseous nebulae rise in splendor at a vast distance, shapes resonant with microscopic keratinocyte and epithelial cells, kissing cousins across the orders of magnitude in the library of creation’s governing aesthetics.

Some of the life stuff the Maker pinches off in rich exaltation of variety, molding hoof, mane, tail and ear; forming fin, snout, scale and eye; articulating feather, beak, talon and wing:

Glory be to God for dappled things-
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings3Gerard Manley Hopkins, “Pied Beauty”

Then blows with soft and animating breath, each creature set in motion to jostle, herd, sting and teem, microscopic to mammoth, the earth within and without springing up and full with buzzing chirp and hum and flow never to cease until once again rolled up like a garment.


The medium quivers with delight at the consummate artistry of the Maker, whose magnitude of thought and breadth of vision manifests in exorbitant and multivarious display—diverse hues from drab ochre to vivid scarlet, textures as disparate as rabbit fur and prickly cactus spines. Boundless creativity overflows into fresh aerial resplendence each dawn and dusk, travels the night to elongate the tender supple branches of each tree and shrub with a keen sculptor’s eye, and opens the hand to satisfy the desire of every living thing.4Psalm 145:15-16 KJV For in the Maker we live, and move, and have our being.5Acts 17:28 KJV with liberties


Fruit hangs from trees, satisfies with variety of taste, salty, bitter, sweet and savory in generous provision. Herbs are potent for the maintenance and mending of the body, blossoms for the sustenance and healing of the soul and its emotions: the Maker is a healer. The leafy branches loft skyward stippled with sunlight satisfying our need for beauty: the Maker is the endower and the fulfiller of longings, granting us an inherent aesthetic and then fulfilling it in abundance, richly providing us with everything for our enjoyment.61 Timothy 6:17 NIV

This fantastical innovation, having ribboned out, having criss-crossed the earth, slows to a trickle and yet is incomplete, is only a backdrop, a setting to hold, jewel-like and womb-like the man and the woman, embryonic derivation of the earth mother matrix. A firming of dust, a borrowing of rib, and they step forth majestic in the God-image: the generative mitosis of humanity. Skin luminescent, countenance resplendent, steeped in beauty, fully functioning in all the glory of human anatomy: heart pumping, blood circulating, endocrine system regulating, respiratory rhythm breathing the body and the bones. With no conscious volition, but limbic and instinctual, Adam and Eve inhale and exhale.

The audience draws back with a gasp at the exquisiteness of the creation. If this is the setting, if this is the platform, what could the project itself be like in its scope and elegance, in its complexity and beauty? What will take the stage?

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the creative process

….The creative process….

“A door opened… more than opened… created… God Created, Ginomaid, caused to come into being, birthed, fashioned and emerged from nothing… the creation of everything, and the creation of our being. the lines criss crossing through the image are representative of different panels, dimensions, colors, mediums and senses God fashioned and created with… there are representative of the creative process…”                                             -Casia

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  1. Sarah

    Beautiful! The joy and delight and finesse – the artistry- of creator And the beauty and functionality of the created. Also Reminds me of lewis’ description of creation in one of “the magician’s nephew.”

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